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Tamil Floral Culture

Who wouldn’t love flowers?! Every girl loves flowers. But Tamil women have taken their love for flowers to the next level. The depth of their love for flowers cannot be measured. Haven’t we all heard about Andal? She loved flowers so much so that she used to adorn herself with floral jewellery from head to toe. It’s also said that she first adorned herself with enchanting flower garlands (the famous “Andal malai“) and then used to offer the same garlands to Sri Ranganatha.



If India is referred to as “Jambu Dwipa” (Land of Jambu trees) in ancient times, then we can safely call Tamil Nadu “Land of flowers”. Tamilians have divided their land into five geographical areas and have named them after the flowers that are commonly found in those regions.


The five regions are – Kurinji (hilly lands)
Mullai (forest lands)
Palai (arid lands)
Neytal (sandy sea shore lands)
Marutham (wet lands).

Flowers found a special place in Tamil literature (Sangam literature) as well and the famous poet Kapilar has mentioned 99 different types of flowers in his poetic work “Kurinji pattu”. The Nilgiri Hills got their name from the bluish purple flowers called “Neela kurinji”, which bloom once in 12 years.

A local folklore has it that Lord Murugan married a local tribal girl Valli by adorning her with a garland made of kurinji flowers. Hence these flowers are considered as a symbol of love and romance.

They say we cannot find a single street in Tamil Nadu without a temple or a flower vendor. It’s a common practice to offer flowers to deities and “Pushpanjali” is an important annual ritual that happens in many temples in South India. During that time loads of flowers are offered to the God.

Poola Jada - PPJ091-Tuticorin

Tamil women love to wear strings of fresh flowers in their hair even to this day. Tamil brides wear a specially made floral adornment called poo jadai or Kalyana jadai (braided hair adorned with flowers) on their wedding day.


It’s considered auspicious and is one of the sixteen adornments of south Indian women. This floral adornment adds to the bridal beauty and makes the bride look like a queen.FreshVeni-FV106-Tuticorin

Like everything else, the new age bride wants designer poo jadai that’s color co-ordinated with her Kalyana pattu saree. Vaagai totally understands this need of the brides and presents new designs every wedding season.    POOJADAI14



So, go ahead and order a traditional poo jadai or contemporary one made with orchids and look like a princess bride!

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